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Accessing data management tools used by Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. can increase the efficiency of our clients by providing the ability to quickly retrieve critical information about confined spaces, lockout/tagout procedures or air sampling results when needed. Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc. utilizes both web-based data management applications and LAN-based applications including Confined Space Manager™ and IHeAccess™ (industrial hygiene report management). These secure websites are designed to operate smoothly and quickly to allow rapid retrieval of information from any internet capable machine, whether Microsoft™ PC-based, Apple™ computer or even web-enabled smart phones or tablets from Apple™ or Android-based smart phones and tablets. In addition, the Workplace WHAM-Lock™ system, a lockout/tagout procedure management program, is designed as a relational database that “remembers” site-specific energy isolation information and creates all procedures in a Microsoft™ Word template.

Confined Space Manager™
Each confined space in a facility must be assessed for potential hazards and identified as a permit-required confined space or a non-permit space. Collecting and storing this data is a daunting task without a special application that will ultimately allow confined space entry permits to be generated and stored after the entry has been completed. Confined Space Manager™, a web-based application developed by Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates, Inc. (KHA) and Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc., provides a scalable platform for effective management of a confined space program for small, medium and large sites as well as multi-site customers. Key features include:

    • Streamline Workflow for Creating and Issuing Permits
      Administrators can create and digitally deliver entry permits to workers by e-mail. Permission controls support task delegation to qualified workers. Centralized data makes issuing permits fast and easy. Authorized users can login anywhere and view active permits to monitor work progress.
    • Add Greater Detail to Your Confined Space Records
      Organizations tasked with managing countless spaces can easily locate individual spaces, review their associated hazards and generate and track permits. Upload AutoCAD generated drawings of your sites’ confined spaces, add images, geo coordinates, and space-specific details ensuring the space you need is quickly located with accuracy.
    • Archive Permits for Record Keeping Purposes
      From ISO to OSHA, standards require that records are maintained as personnel work in spaces where permits are required. No more digging through file cabinets. Easily searchable and organized, reliable records and reporting capabilities allow customers to come through audits without worry. With no limit on data storage, records are maintained indefinitely.
    • Access Your Data – Powered by the Cloud
      Your data is accessible anywhere from any device. No software to install. Updates are provided at no charge and pushed via the Cloud—protecting you from software obsolescence. Redundant DNS infrastructure supports incomparable dependability— with a 99.9% availability guarantee.

Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. developed IHeAccess™, which is a Cloud-based digital file cabinet for storing historical industrial hygiene, safety inspection or audit reports for quick retrieval. This approach is an attractive alternative to paper files located in metal file cabinets that are subject to loss. Past and current industrial hygiene project reports are digitized and indexed to capture the following, searchable information:

    • Report description
    • Project Start Date
    • Project End Date
    • Sampling Company
    • Sampler(s) name(s)
    • Project Location
    • Chemical(s) or Physical Agent(s) Sampled
    • An Answer to the Question “Was an OEL or Limit Exceeded?”

OSHA requires machine-specific lockout-tagout procedures be created for any piece of production or infrastructure equipment that could injure an employee due to unexpected start-up. It is necessary to identify each source of energy related to the equipment and develop a step-by-step procedure to isolate, dissipate, lock and tag each energy source to create a “zero energy state” for employees prior to performing machine maintenance. WHAM-Lock™ developed by Automated Workplace Safety and customized by Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. is the tool of choice to meet the lock-out/tag-out needs of our customers.

    • WHAM Lockout Tagout Software includes user definable databases of common hazardous energies, magnitudes and locks and tags
    • Cloning capability for utilization of existing documents
    • Maintains unique energy isolation point ID numbers within a user-defined building or department to avoid duplicate energy isolation point ID numbers
    • Attach photos, drawings, schematics and other documents
    • Local Area Network (LAN) enabled to share files with other users
    • Customizable templates for user/company specific documents
    • Key word search
    • Spell check to promote accuracy and consistency

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