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Controlling hazardous energy is a must for all industrial maintenance activities where the sudden release of energy can cause injury or death. The “Control of Hazardous Energy” standard, 29 CFR 1910.147, requires that all sources of energy related to a machine or piece of equipment must be identified and controlled with “lockout/tagout” procedures so as to prevent the unexpected energization, start-up or release of stored or residual energy.

Effective Programming

An effective “lockout/tagout” procedure should include documented machine-specific energy isolation procedures, which are carefully developed to follow manufacturer suggested shutdown procedures and isolate and dissipate all energy sources.


Effective energy control programs include initial and annual training to authorized and affected employees and periodic inspections observing the use of procedures to ensure the program’s continued effectiveness. The “Lockout/tagout” regulation is one of the top five cited OSHA standards. Many employers have found that generic procedures addressing an entire department or common type of machine were simply not detailed enough to prevent employee injuries or OSHA scrutiny. Here is where Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. can accommodate your needs.

Data Management

The careful machine evaluations, quality graphics, powerful database software and detailed labeling provided by Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. will elevate a marginal lockout/tagout program to an effective risk management tool.

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